Custom Handle for SPM

Crazy Handle Looks Lazy!! Sorry Just Kidding. Yes! this product almost took lot of iterations since it was the major part wear user leads to handle the SPM for multiple reasons for 100’s of times per day. Initially we had a thought finding a simple Standard Handle whicah is readily available in the Market. As the design took twist and turns, best option was 3D Printing. Our 3D Printing in-house lab and those expertise engineers took this as quick need and iterated in many ways with multiple materials to get Rigidity, Proper Shape, and Production perspective (10 Per Week). We at Pincore Show a great enthusiasm in these kind of Curios Projects. Final moto is only make our Client to sit back comfortably by handover pioneering Ventures.


Responsibilities of Pincore:

  1. Design and Development of Handle based on the Machine Fixing other Requirements.
  2. 3D printing the same to verify the feasibility and coordinating with Production team for every revisions.
  3. Creating Manufacturing drawings for production.
  4. Printing Batchwise. (10 Per Week)



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