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Detection of Breast Cancer Using Convolutional Neural Network Detection of Breast Cancer Using Convolutional Neural Network Now a days, Women are highly …

The Essential Guide to Know the importance of Prototyping in your New Electronic Product Design The Essential Guide to Know the importance …

ARDUINO BOOK LAUNCH Birds Eye View on Arduino ARDUINO BOOK LAUNCH – Birds Eye View on Arduino We live in a world …

Its our immense pleasure to be part of the advanced Machine Vision System Test Bed. Which is set up for one over sea customer. In this Machine Vision Camera Holder  a greatest challenge is to provide complete solution for four axis movement at particular interval time since it is Real-time

The Battery Tester Device is to demonstrate the superiority of the AA Battery over its competitors through an unbiased side-by-side test. The tester performs a rigorous discharge test on two AA Cells simultaneously. Using this product anybody can compare the capacity of any two same type of battery with different

An Interesting product for Home Appliances from Home Automation India, It was our immense pleasure to be associated as Manufacturing Partners. An HAI is a great product with multi functionality. ( Manual, Touch and many more ) Since Team High is a Tech Team working for their Dream Product, Pincore

Vision Combi Meter was designed and developed by Pincore PDC, VCM is a special purpose Test & Measurement Equipment to measure vibration at combi meter in Top End Vehicles. Opportunity raised by one of renowned automotive organization in India.   Responsibilities of Pincore: Product Design responsible – Based on the case

What is 3D Printing? 3D Printing is a manufacturing of a three-dimensional solid object from a computer driven digital model. The possibilities for 3D printing are increasing daily and they only seem like they will continue to grow as the technology continues to develop. As a tool for digital fabrication and

A Birds Eye View on Arduino Pincore Communal is here with its First Book Launch which is written by Dr Aravind B N. Its a Initiation for a new Industrial Experience for the students who are future Engineers. Pincore Communal this technical association step taken is make the students learning

2020 – New Year Celebrations at Product Development Center!! A year end is always the hopes for New Beginnings. This new year we focus on more with the customer needs and revealing more on out Product Development and various services we provide at Industrial Level. Here we are happy to

Pincore Technologies are best in their Training and Services of Products. Had been to their New Center i.e., Product Development Center at Shakthi Garden, the ambiance at the office is very much professional and the people working there are very much talented. Dr Renuka Kumari Professor and Head

Product Development Center at Shakti Garden Bengaluru..!! As we ignite and illuminate our own thoughts, We keep moving forward opening new doors because curiosity keeps us awake and make us do so… Just as every small habit gives new change everyday. Today Pincore Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. has taken it’s

What makes Pincore different from usual is, the work for the freelancers is made is and has number of opportunities to work on which keeps them engaged most of the times without the headache of customers.