Enclosure Design and Engineering

The Importance of a Good Enclosure

The most underrated component of any electromechanical product is the enclosure. It is conceived as nothing but a ‘casing’ to the electronics and hardware within. That’s not completely true. We dedicate ourselves not only to the production, development, and the necessary customization of the electronics and mechanics of your product, but also to the enclosure that will house all the crucial components of the system.


You have the option of opting for the standard enclosures that are available with us for your product, or you can request customizations too. Our team of experts brainstorms the ideas on the table and comes up with the best enclosure possible for your product, your idea, your brand. They consider the various aspects required to holistically house the product in a suitable environment: the material, the physical and thermal factors that your product might be in, and other crucial parameters.

Protecting Your Product from the Foes of Nature

We manufacture electric enclosures in such a way that the circuit board remains safe from the natural elements like wind, water, dust, debris, temperature fluctuations, and humidity. No matter what functionality and needs your unique product has, we have the perfect material for the enclosure for its safekeeping.

Here’s What Goes Behind in Making Your Ideal Enclosure

The experienced professionals at Pincore implement the following stages of building an enclosure, so that you get nothing but the best.

  1. Idea generation and conceptual work-through
  2. Design, colors, and texture
  3. Material selection
  4. Sketching and 3D modelling
  5. Prototyping and sampling
  6. Production

All these steps are taken keeping in mind economical and industrial feasibility of the enclosure as well. Not only the products we create for you speak for themselves in terms of quality and efficiency, rest assured that we also ensure an industrial-grade enclosure that adds up to the aesthetics factor as well. We at Pincore understand that the outside matters as much as what goes on the inside.

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Why Chose Pincore?

Core competence

You might have the electronic design or components of the product ready, and you just want our help on the mechanical front of the product, or vice versa. We are equally capable with helping you on both or either of the product fronts.

best quality product

Pincore choses product quality over compromises. What Pincore renders is Quality Tested and Assured. We are here to bring ideas into reality. We work alongside your vision more than deadlines so that what you dream comes into reality. 

electromechanical team

Pincore is a combination of two separate teams carrying expertise in Electronics and Mechanics which brings in skills, knowledge, and abilities in developing a product both technically sound and physically perfect. 

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