Electronic Hardware Design Services

Customized, Embedded

Electronic hardware designing is one of the prominent processes in electronic product development. It comes with complexity of its kind, but with Pincore its made simplistically achievable. A dedicated engineering team equipped with over 60 years of expertise and led by technical minds has created electronic EHDs for a wide range of applications. 

Your Idea Needs Our Design 
Just as a movie begins production with a story board, an electronic product demands a hardware design. This virtually shows how your product is going to look in reality. 

Pincore looks at your idea as unique as it has never been created before and freshly bloomed. That makes it possible to create a design that: 

  1. Follows all the crucial hardware design principles
  2. Is customized according to the requirements, and
  3. Can be easily embedded

With what is said and done, Pincore is a brand in the industry today because of its unbeatable 100% success rate in creating flawless, standard, and customized hardware designs.


Printed Circuit Board Design

Electronics maybe be hard to imagine without PCB’s (Printed Circuit Boards) and so is PCB without a design. PCB Designs help in anticipating the circuit flow and testing the logics. 

In the process, we create structural diagram, films and the render PCB’s as per the requirement as per the concept the structure of the product.

Alongside software design

We at Pincore believe that an electronic hardware goes along with software that comply with it. Therefor, we work alongside software ideology in creating a design that is technically sound and commercially viable. 

Pincore's Electronic Hardware Design Services


Battery Testing System-Duracell

The Battery Tester Device is to demonstrate the superiority of the AA battery over its competitors through an unbiased side-by-side test. 

Parking Management System - Parkplus

Parkplus – One Stop Solutions for Apartments and Corporate to manage their vehicles

Smart SPM Control Unit –SS Automation

This Control Box is used to Control one of the SPM machine of Electrical Wiring and Cable Gland manufacturing Industry.

we are dedicated

Why Chose Pincore?

World Class Architects

You might have the electronic design or components of the product ready, and you just want our help on the mechanical front of the product, or vice versa. We are equally capable with helping you on both or either of the product fronts.

POC to Production

Pincore choses product quality over compromises. What Pincore renders is Quality Tested and Assured. We are here to bring ideas into reality. We work alongside your vision more than deadlines so that what you dream comes into reality. 

Experts Advice

Pincore is a combination of two separate teams carrying expertise in Electronics and Mechanics which brings in skills, knowledge, and abilities in developing a product both technically sound and physically perfect. 

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